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Attendees can select from a number of different topics to hear from leaders in an intimate setting.
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Won Jae Hudson Yu

 A true Bergener at heart WJH grew up in Leonia NJ. He is a huge sports fan, especially for his Yankees, Giants and the Knicks. If you want to cheer him up take him out to a buffet and call him Hudson. Hudson's ministry passions are Global Missions, raising future leaders and bringing people together to encounter the Joy of God's Kingdom. Married to Lisa since 1999 and has four wonderful kids. He is a graduate of Boston College, Gordon Conwell, and Princeton Theological Seminary.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Power of Families.

Families are a gift of God. We will examine the power of our nuclear families and take a brief look at Family Systems. This seminar will help us see how we are the product of our family systems and bring more awareness to the real story of our families.

Chris Lee

Chris is the Director of Justice Initiatives and Global Missions at Cornerstone Church of Boston, serving bi-vocationally. He received his education at Fordham University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. A New York native, he and his wife Esther currently live in Boston. When he’s not working, Chris is probably reading or napping.

YELLOW: Figuring out How Asian-Americans, Racism, and the Bible Connect

Historically, conversations about racism in America have primarily focused on black-white race relations. But how do other racial/ethnic groups, particularly Asian-Americans, enter the conversation? How do I understand and engage racism from a biblical/theological perspective? Why should Christians even care about social justice and racism at all? This seminar addresses the evil, sinful nature of racism, how Asian-Americans fit into that conversation, and how we can start to do something about it.

Vivian Mabuni

Vivian is a national speaker and author with a passion to disciple leaders who will love God and influence families, communities, and the world to help spread the flourishing of God's kingdom in every place. With 30 years serving on staff with Cru, she loves teaching about the Bible and practical application to ministry and life. Vivian is currently working on her MA in Bible Exposition at Talbot Seminary. Author of "Warrior In Pink" and "Open Hands, Willing Heart," and host of the brand new podcast "Someday Is Here" for Asian American women on ethnic journey and leadership. Viv loves drinking coffee with her husband of 28 years, Darrin, and marveling at their three young adult kids. She also loves post-its, washi tape, sushi and shoes. Connect with her on Instagram/Twitter @vivmabuni or on her website www.vivianmabuni.com

Asian American Women: Born to Perform

Asian. American. Christian. Women. Four words describing us and the lenses we use as we go through life. Our different worlds influence how we make decisions, interact with others and ourselves, and these parts often conflict with each other. Learn about God's design for women, the biblical values in both eastern and western culture, and some of the unique challenges we have as well as practical application. (note:**though the seminar is designed for Asian American women, non Asians are welcome to attend to learn more about Asian culture. And men who would like to be learners about our world are also welcome to attend)

Byron Straughn

Byron Straughn serves with Cru's Theological Development Team. He is married to Amy and they have 3 teenage children: Graeme, Elinore and Jane. Byron studied at Virginia Tech (BS) and Southern Seminary (MDiv). He also serves as an elder in their church in Pennsylvania. Byron traveled and lived in several countries as a third culture kid and Cru staff member, including a recent stint to North Africa. He enjoys making new friends and learning about different perspectives over coffee and tea.

The Bible: Reliable Witness or Religious Relic?

 When's the last time you heard "the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God"? Would you feel embarrassed to say that? After all, it's an old book, written by who knows who, and has been used to oppress people and suppress ideas. The Bible has been translated and copied through the ages. During this seminar, we want to consider questions about the Bible, but also understand how it's worthy of our trust.