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Fasting and Prayer FAQ

We are starting the conference with fasting and prayer (Tuesday dinner to Wednesday before breakfast). Here is what we want you to keep in mind.

Fasting is abstaining from food (and other distractions) in order to humble ourselves and give our full attention to God. 

Fasting and praying is an expression of our desire to seek God with our whole heart.

As we fast and pray, God will reveal sins/brokenness in us, His Word will become more meaningful to us, and we will be able to pray more deeply for ourselves and others.  

To experience God's best from fasting, it will require a true commitment.

We suggest you to:

  • Set a time and place to read the Word and pray on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.
  • List specific prayer requests for Higher Calling Conference, yourself, your campus, and your loved ones.
  • Pray in faith.

Remember! Focus on God even when you feel weak, vulnerable or irritable as you fast. Drink plenty of water.